29 Nov, 2016 In: News

One year after the launch in France autotest VIH® arrives in Belgium and Italy !

autotest VIH® has been launched the 15th of September last year in France and the outcome is very positive:

         -  Over 140 000 self-tests have been sold to 11 200 pharmacies

         -  2 000 self-tests are sold on average every week in French pharmacies

         -  More than 4000 pharmacies have installed a promotional kit for HIV testing into their shop.


                                                              autotest VIh in pharmacies

                                                                                                               autotest VIH® in a french pharmacy

A survey conducted by an online pharmacy on its sales shows that the self-test affects a population that would not have detected otherwise. Indeed, for 40% of users, this was a first HIV test. Of those, 55% said they would not have gone to a screening center if the self-test had not been available in the pharmacy.


23rd of November 2016, it was Belgium's  turn to host HIV self-test in its pharmacies. More than 1000 pharmacies had pre-ordered the product before its launch.

This Wednesday, November 30th, 2016, autotest VIH® is now available in Italian pharmacies.


And today it’s available online in many different languages in other European countries through www.autotest-vih.eu


So what are you waiting for? Test yourself !


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