16 Jan, 2018 In: News

autotest VIH® in french pharmacies : 2 years later, what is the impact ?

More than 240,000 autotest VIH® have been referenced in more than 11,000 pharmacies since its launch in September 2015. In 2017, pharmacists remain involved in HIV screening with more than 7,500 self-tests sold each month on average, a growth of 7% versus 2016.

Since the publication of a decree in 2016, the associations and screening centers can now distribute HIV self-tests, free of charge, to a target population as defined in the decree. Thus, the french association HF Prévention has distributed 1,600 self-tests and 10,139 self-tests are being distributed by AIDES.

autotest VIH® is now available in several European countries. A study was conducted in the largest screening center in the Rome region between December 1st 2016 and May 31th 2017. During this period, 23% of new HIV-positive cases were detected first by autotest VIH®. 67% of them had never done an HIV test before. This study shows that the self-test reaches a new population and that self-test users enter into the health care pathway after obtaining a positive result.


NB : the picture shows the French packaging sold in French pharmacies. The contents of the kit you buy online is the same that the French box, only the packaging is different.


More information: http://bit.ly/2rbGZl1


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