14 Jun, 2017 In: News

Fast-Track Cities : Ending the AIDS epidemic

The Fast-Track Cities initiative was launched on World AIDS Day 2014 in Paris.

More than 70 high HIV burden cities around the world have since signed the Paris Declaration on Fast-Track Cities Ending AIDS and engaged Mayors and other political leaders, affected communities, civil society, city health officials, clinical and service providers, and other stakeholders to accelerate their local AIDS responses.


The idea is to achieve the following targets :



In Europe, 16 cities are now part of the program :

Amsterdam (Netherlands), Athens (Greece), Barcelona, Madrid & Seville (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Brighton and Hove (England), Brussels (Belgium), Bucharest (Romania), Cascais, Lisbon & Porto (Portugal), Geneva (Switzerland), Kyiv & Odessa (Ukraine), Paris (France)

Working together, cities can take local actions for global impact.


More information : www.fast-trackcities.org


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