17 Nov, 2017 In: News

European HIV-Hepatitis testing week begins today!

Testing week was launched by HIV in Europe in 2013 to encourage more people to become aware of their HIV status. This year, European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week will take place from 17 to 24 November 2017.

Testing week is currently supported by more than 30 international organisations, including UNAIDS, European AIDS Clinical Society, AIDS Action Europe, European Liver Patients Association and the World Hepatitis Alliance. This year, autotest VIH® is a part of this program.


How many people are living with HIV across Europe?

  • 1.2 million people are living with HIV in Europe and Central Asia
  • In the EU/EEA region, 821,157 people are living with HIV
  • In the non-EU/EEA region,, 377,950 people are living with HIV


How many people are diagnosed late in Europe?

  • Across Europe, almost 50% of people diagnosed with HIV are diagnosed late. This means that the person is unaware of their HIV infection and has not tested until their CD4 count has lowered below 350 cells/mL.
  • Although there has been a small downward trend in late diagnosis over the years (from to 51.7% in 2010/11 to 47% in 2015)  data shows that very little has changed in terms of reducing late diagnosis with an increase among female heterosexuals and male intravenous drug users from Southern Europe and in male and female intravenous drug users from Eastern Europe.


Routine HIV testing reduces the likelihood of late diagnosis. Test Yourself.


More information : www.testingweek.eu



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